Jul 24, 2010

Off to Venice

Off to Venice
Saturday 24th July 2010
At the station one hour early. Opted for the 1144 travelling first class. But there was no 1st class carriages when we got to the platform. There are two train routes to Venice from Trieste and this is the quicker one. Fire up the mp3 the two hour journey will fly by.

Jul 19, 2010

Trip to Opicina

videoTrip to Opicina
The marvellous old tram rack railway system clacks high to a small town in the hills above Trieste. So near the border the signs are bi-lingual. Most of it is closed either for lunch, it's a Monday or annual holidays. Opt for pizze, salad and a red beer. The Biffa herself has water and Malvasia wine that tastes like home brew. Nutter on the tram back he has bag of tree cuttings and his keks display tiers of white fat. One euro ten cents one way ticket.

Jul 18, 2010

Old town Trieste

Old town Trieste
This turned into a right old trek around town. There is a bit of a canal, the big square facing the sea and King Richard's Arch and the Roman Theatre. Carry on up the castle, bit of a climb. 4 euros to get a better look inside. Good collection of Roman mosaics in a subterranean musty complex. Came home hungry and tired.

Jul 6, 2010

Still here

Beyond atmospherics. Do I continue with live