May 26, 2010


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Beer bottle shop with bar

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At asparagus farm in Formby

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So this go on

Rattler train. Wittering pensioners. Some normal types of working age.
Done Wigan and in countryside. Need a rail map to see where I am

Blogging on the 86

Running behind schedule. Going to have to get the train from Victoria.
Need an espresso fix before boarding. Forgot my camera. Calm down and
carry on

May 21, 2010

May 14, 2010

At home now. Multiple entries on blog. That's odd.

At home now. Multiple entries on blog. That's odd.

Banksey pulls in the gawpers

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No.3 free shuttle bus. Loud mouth on mobile.

86 notes #1

Taking notes. 86 bus to town. Not counting obese people today. But
there is fat woman eating a sandwich and wearing pink crocs shoes.

Two people chatting lots of talk but saying nowt. Fat woman getting
off next stop.

May 2, 2010

IPhone notes

Mobile blogging is possible with other means than Twitter. Discuss?